How to Teach Yourself The English Language

There are many ways to learn the English language. You can spend a lot of money to pay a private tutor or you could spend a medium amount of money to go to English language classes. There is another option: You can spend little to no money and teach yourself. English is one of the hardest languages to learn, but it is not impossible to do.

If you are someone who knows absolutely no English, I would start out by making a few English speaking friends (language is never a barrier when it comes to friendship) and learning a few key phrases from these people. You can also watch English shows or movies with subtitles in your own language. You won’t learn all of the English this way, but you will pick up a few things. After you have gotten somewhere and can speak and understand some words and phrases in the English language you can then start to teach yourself English.

Your local library will have some great resources for learning English. There are books, books on tape, CD’s, videos and DVD’s all focused on teaching yourself the English language. Make sure that you don’t take on too much at once though. It can be very overwhelming to learn a whole new language – especially English! Start from the very beginning and take it step by step. If you are not too sure where to begin, you can always ask the librarians and they will be glad to help you choose a resource.

The library is always a good idea, but most libraries only lend their books for two weeks at a time. You can always renew your item for a couple for weeks, but if someone else has placed a request for an item you have, then you are not allowed to renew it. For this reason, I would suggest not depending on the library for one hundred percent of your learning. It may be a better idea to use your library as a stepping stone to better resources.

Once you have looked at aulas de inglês particulares and tried every language learning resource that the library has to offer, you can then look to your local bookstore for more. Many people make the mistake of buying themselves a load of books, CD’s and other learning tools to help them learn English, and once they get home and try each one they find out that what they’ve bought is no good for them. Teaching yourself English can be a complicated process, depending on what language or culture you are coming from, and you definitely need the right resources to help you learn. Going to the library and testing what they have is the best thing to do before you spend your money at the bookstore. Everyone learns differently – some will be best suited with a book, others with a video or DVD, and still others a book on tape

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